Variscite is pleased to announce its support for Wi-Fi 6 and the release of the upgraded NXP i.MX 93 based System on Module enhanced with NXP’s Wi-Fi 6 module. The Wi-Fi 6 module brings measurable advantages to the table, compared to previous generations including extended bandwidth, improved range, better simultaneous stream capabilities, lower latency, and optimized power management.

The VAR-SOM-MX93 is the first out of several upcoming releases to deliver Wi-Fi 6 among Variscite’s extensive product portfolios and is already available for orders on Variscite’s online store along with its related evaluation kit. Additionally, SoMs based on the iMX8 series will be upgraded in the near future and offer the same connectivity features and performance.

The integration of NXP’s IW612/ IW611 Wi-Fi 6 modules provides certified and secure dual-band Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax/ac/a/b/g/n solution with BT/BLE 5.3 and optional 802.15.4 tri-radio that fully supports the new Matter™ standard to meet the next generation of IoT requirements.


VAR-SOM-MX93 System on Module (SoM)

VAR-SOM-MX93 System on Module (SoM)


“It is our mission to deliver advanced SoM solutions that leverage the latest technology advances, such as Wi-Fi 6,” said Ofer Austerlitz, VP Business Development and Sales of Variscite. “With growing interest in IoT and portable wireless connections, we anticipate strong demand for upgraded connectivity in the industrial embedded systems market. With this advanced solution, unparalleled speed and efficiency are not just future expectations, but reality today.”

Priced at only $39, the VAR-SOM-MX93 offers an advanced energy-flex architecture for efficient processing and integrated AI/ML NPU acceleration for smart edge systems at a value-driven cost. Powered by a 1.7GHz Dual Cortex™-A55 NXP iMX93 processor and complemented by a 250MHz Cortex-M33 real-time processor, the SoM is further enhanced with integral security features. Additionally, the SoM is equipped with 2x CAN bus, 2x GbE, industrial temperature compatibility, camera interfaces, audio in/out capacities, ADC, 2x USB, Wi-Fi 6 certification, BT/BLE 5.3, and display outputs.

Additionally, the VAR-SOM-MX93 is a member of Variscite’s VAR-SOM Pin2Pin family, making it simple to swap other Pin2Pin SoMs and scale. This extensive Pin2Pin family ensures extended longevity, as well as reduced development time, costs, and risks.