Our Solutions

Variscite's customized solutions are engineered and manufactured for all industrial sectors.
Fully integrated systems provide the critical components to optimize your product design, development and manufacture.
Variscite experts have developed end-to-end solutions that deliver core technology capabilities across a unique range of industries.

medical solutions


Today’s medical products for hospitals, labs and clinics require a specialized design understanding to endure lengthy and exacting FDA-approved processes. Life-saving and health-impacting equipment demands a design, development and manufacturing life cycle that ensures absolute reliability and uncompromising quality standards.

Healthcare is no longer immune to economic downturns and Variscite appreciates that while meeting regulatory standards and specifications, development cost and time savings are more critical than ever. Particularly, if medical technology is to justify economies of scale and secure financial and operational benefits.

Discover the full breadth of our System on Module portfolio and contact us to learn more about how you can accelerate your product development.


Variscite solutions for agriculture meet the demands of extreme weather conditions, particularly low temperatures, as well as providing safe, effective and cutting edge technologies for maximum production and conservation savings. From breeding, biotechnology, nanotechnologies to ensuring food safety throughout the supply chain, agricultural products must ensure quality, as well as successful sustainability in an ever-increasing cost-conscious market. Variscite solutions enable the agricultural sector to maximize returns, whilst still satisfying worldwide legislations and restoring customer confidence in food quality and safety. Contact us to find out which of our various System on Module offerings can most effectively meet your needs and let our experts help you optimize your development process.

agriculture solutions
automotive solutions


Variscite engineering solutions for the automotive industry respond to the unique needs of this complex global market. These include design that addresses extreme temperatures of minus -45 to 85 degrees Celsius, as well as sustaining intensive vibration and shock testing procedures. Variscite products support CANBus connectivity, allowing full integration with the car network.

Design for this industry also incorporates full fleet management systems which comprise navigation capabilities, cellular communication, GPS navigation and more. Furthermore, this field’s technology design and development must also take into account the increasing safety requirements and voluntary environmental commitments. Driven by the consumer demands of individualization, digitalization and increasing competition, the automotive industry must consistently develop innovative products with added value. View our various system on modules to find the product that suits your requirements.

Control Systems

Variscite solutions for control systems help develop and manufacture advanced scalable technologies with CANBus connectivity allowing integration with all system components. Our multi-operational systems with broad connectivity are engineered to meet exacting standards and extreme temperatures of industrial grade products, as well as perform an unlimited range of dynamic functions. Variscite solutions combine function with reliability whether router or multi-image technologies or software to combat cyber risks, our solutions ensure uncompromised and dependable mission critical systems. View our products to learn more how we can help you to reach your goals

control systems solutions


Variscite tailored solutions enable multimedia providers to harness the enormous potential value of this dramatically increasing industry. Our heavily featured products are designed for use with video and audio multimedia solutions including surveillance, security, Set-Top boxes, DVRs, home automation and video streaming to name a few. Our devices have HD up to 4K video playback and capture capabilities and can fully integrate with camera sensors. The popularity and proliferation of digital media is increasing in direct proportion to the demands for improved product capabilities. Variscite solutions are designed to meet these evolving industry standards and reflect the latest features regarding computer power, ensuring you always have the technical advantage.