Webinar: Enhancing Embedded Software Design with Docker


July 19, 08:00 AM PDT


Ken Sloat,
R&D and Technical Sales Engineer, Variscite



As the complexity of SoCs continues to grow, embedded software engineers are increasingly tasked to write and manage intricate software on both the development host and embedded target side. Docker has become a popular platform in software development, but how can embedded software engineers take advantage of this tool? In this webinar, Variscite will teach you how to enhance your embedded software design from development to deployment. The webinar will include real world examples demonstrated on the i.MX93 System on Module, while also explaining how these same examples can be run on all other Variscite SoMs. 


What you will learn:  

• What Docker is, what containers are, and some common use cases.  

• The basics of running Docker containers.  

• Docker container usage for development build hosts.  

• Docker container usage in embedded software deployments.  

• How Variscite's tools can simplify Docker use to help accelerate your embedded software design.