Webinar: Creating embedded graphical applications using LVGL (LVGL Part 1)


September 20, 08:00 AM PDT


Pierluigi Passaro, 
R&D SW Expert, Variscite



LVGL is a popular free and open-source embedded graphics library targeting any MCU, MPU and display type to build UIs.

In this webinar, you will learn how to configure your system to build an application with a graphical interface for your target hardware. We will demonstrate the use of VSCode to develop, debug and deploy an application based on LVGL on a Variscite SoM.

For the purpose of demonstration, the webinar will include real-world uses demonstrated on a Variscite i.MX 6ULL based System on Module. However, these same examples can be run on any Variscite module.


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is the LVGL framework?
  • LVGL development tools
  • Creating a sample LVGL application
  • Installing and configuring Variscite's software development kit (SDK)
  • Creating a sample LVGL application for Variscite's VAR-SOM-6UL evaluation kit from NXP iMX6 series
  • LVGL application architecture
  • LVGL APIs / classes (basic overview)
  • Step-by-step demonstration of main graphical design actions such as how to create a custom widget, identification of graphical assets, paint the background, populate the status bar, etc.

Download links for the demo image and SDK (right click and save link as...):




It is recommended to watch the Webinar: Creating embedded graphical applications using LVGL (LVGL Part 2)