Explore Variscite’s two pin-compatible product families, enabling easy scaling between a wide range of Arm processors while using the same carrier board design.
The VAR-SOM and the DART Pin2Pin families support System on Modules based on NXP i.MX9, NXP i.MX8, NXP i.MX6 and TI AM625 processor series.

Meet the members of the VAR-SOM Pin2Pin family: from entry-level iMX6ULL, through iMX6, i.MX 8M Mini, i.MX8M Nano, NXP i.MX 8M Plus, i.MX 93, i.MX91 and AM625, up to high-performance platforms like i.MX 8X and i.MX 8QuadMax.

The DART Pin2Pin family allows seamless scaling between i.MX95, iMX93, iMX91, i.MX8M Plus, i.MX8M Mini and i.MX8M based modules.

Variscite customers benefit from:
✔ Ultimate scalability
✔ Extended longevity
✔ Ease of development and integration
✔ Reduced time, cost and risk

For more info, visit: Variscite System on Module Pin2Pin families.