If you bought the VAR-SOM-MX7 Evaluation Kit, in this video we will demonstrate how to set it up within 2 minutes. If you are thinking about buying the kit, you will see how quick and easy it is to use.

The VAR-SOM-MX7 Evaluation Kit is compatible with Variscite’s VAR-SOM-MX7 System on Module (SoM), based on ARM Cortex-A7  i.MX7 (by NXP / Freescale). The kit provides a great showcase of the VAR-SOM-MX7 performance and connectivity features including certified Wi-Fi, dual Gigabit Ethernet, dual USB, audio, Bluetooth/BLE, display with touch panel and serial interfaces. It can serve as a complete development platform for both evaluation and application development purposes, and it is highly recommended for industrial grade embedded application requiring a wide temperature range (-20 to 85°C).


For specifications and additional information visit the product page: VAR-SOM-MX7 Kits

Not sure if this is the right kit for your project? Leave us a note and our team will suit you the best solution that meets your needs.