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Sequitur Labs delivers a complete chip-to-cloud solution for secure device design, manufacturing, and lifecycle management.  The Sequitur Labs Security Platform has two products:

EmSPARK™ Security Suite:  Sequitur Labs’ EmSPARK™ Security Suite is a collection of firmware, integration tools, and APIs that provides complete chip-to-cloud security for MPU’s. Supporting arm® Trustzone architecture, the EmSPARK Security suite delivers secure boot, updates and failure recovery, cryptography, key & certificate management, tools for protecting intellectual property, and pre-configured tools for secure integration with AWS and Azure cloud platforms. 

EmPOWER™ is a SaaS solution that provides the essential cloud services needed to secure, provision, update and manage intelligent edge devices. OEM’s can manage and update products securely, detect and respond to threats, protect against intellectual property theft, and gain secure insights into a fleet of thousands of devices. EmPOWER™ is seamlessly integrated with the EmSPARK™ Security suite, with additional support for MCU’s with secure elements.

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