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DART-SD410 Kits

The VAR-DVK-SD410 and VAR-STK-SD410 can serve as a complete development platform for both evaluation and application development purposes. The kits provide a great showcase of the DART-SD410 connectivity features and performance.

DART-SD410 Evaluation kits




Included SOM DART-SD410_1024R_8G_WB_GP
Carrier VAR-SD410CustomBoard
Display - 7" WVGA
Touch Panel - Capacitive
Micro-USB Debug Cable + +
Ethernet Cable  - +
5V Power Supply - +
Antenna + +
Boot/Rescue SD Cards + +
Carrier Board Design Package + +
Camera Module (Optional - VAR-EXT-CB410) (Optional - VAR-EXT-CB410)
VAR SD410 Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 board - Block Diagram

VAR-[DVK / STK]-SD410_[x]O

STK Starter kit
DVK Development kit
[x]O L: Linux, A: Android, W: Windows 10
dsplogo Freescale Proven PartnersWindowsEmbedded GoldPartner xsarm
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