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Variscite provides design, development and manufacturing services for a variety of embedded platforms, supported by numerous operating systems. Variscite customers stay ahead of the pack and profit from a faster time-to-market, whilst leveraging Variscite’s rich experience in embedded solution development.

Variscite provides development and consulting services on a variety of embedded platforms with the support of various operating systems. Our customers profit from our rich experience in embedded solution development to shorten their time-to-market. We will accompany your products throughout the design and manufacture process to ensure that your product will be optimized in terms of performance, price and reliability.

Veteran specialists in writing code and working with operating systems, Variscite software engineers are experts in the areas of BSP and device driver development.
Variscite multi-faceted manufacturing services draw on design and development know-how and trusted production procedures to deliver innovative products that meet international quality standards. Variscite procedures are cost and time sensitive and include NPI, supply chain management, manufacturing, test and sustaining engineering.
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SISO 13485 2003 HAll Variscite production is performed at fully ISO 13485 compliant facilities, satisfying international customer and regulatory requirements for a broad range of industries including medical devices and related services.