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DART-MX6 Evaluation Kit Guide

Watch the unboxing of the DART-MX6 Development Kit, powered by NXP iMX6 processor, and find out what's in the box? and how to set up the kit in less than 2 minutes?

The VAR-DVK-DT6 and VAR-STK-DT6 Kits are compatible with Variscite DART-MX6 System on a Module (SoM), based on ARM Cortex-A9 i.MX6, with up to 800MHz CPU Clock. This miniature sized SoM, measuring only 20mm x 50mm is ideal for battery operated and portable embedded systems.
The kits provide a great showcase of the DART-MX6 connectivity features and performance and can serve as a complete development platform for both evaluation and application development purposes.

For specifications and additional information visit the product page: DART-MX6 Kits

Not sure if this is the right kit for your project? Leave us a note and our team will help you find the best solution that meets your needs: contact us.

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Home Company Blog DART-MX6 Evaluation Kit Guide