Release date: 9/21/2020

Variscite is pleased to inform about the Yocto Zeus release v1.1 for its i.MX8M Mini System on Modules.


Release: zeus-fsl-5.4.3-mx8mm-v1.1


  • Filesystem:
    Yocto Zeus (based on official NXP release L5.4.3-1.0.0).
  • Linux kernel:
    Variscite lf-5.4.y_var01 branch (based on NXP branch lf-5.4.y, which is based on Linux 5.4.3).
  • U-Boot:
    Variscite lf-5.4.y_v2019.04_var01 branch (based on NXP branch lf-5.4.y_v2019.04, which is based on U-Boot v2019.04).

Noteworthy updates since release 1.0:

Release 1.1


  • install_yocto script: Fixed udev stop/start for Yocto Zeus
  • bcm43xx-utils: Do not start WiFi if not available
  • bcm43xx-utils: Fix i2c-tools dependencies


  • MLK-23349-1 usb: chipidea: otg: delete duplicate code
  • MLK-23349-2 usb: chipidea: udc: add sg list support
  • MLK-23349-6 usb: chipdea: don’t return -EINVAL if request role is the same with current role
  • MLK-23408: ASoC: fsl_audmix: make clock and output src write only
  • Edt-ft5x06: check wakeup-source dts property
  • MLK-15083 watchdog: imx2_wdt: fallback to timeout reset if explicit reset fails
  • Add M4 support for DART-IMX8M-MINI and VAR-SOM-IMX8M-MINI


  • Fix M4 binary loading when using the TCM
  • Add common DRAM code
  • Fix board DRAM initialization code

External Information
Release notes
Developers info: DART-MX8M-MINI, VAR-SOM-MX8M-MINI