Release date: 4/12/2018

Variscite is pleased to inform about the Yocto Sumo release v1.1 for our DART-6UL System on Module.

Modules: DART-6UL (including the i.MX6UL and i.MX6ULL processors and the DART-6UL-5G).
Release: sumo-fslc-4.9.88-mx6ul-v1.1.

Noteworthy updates:


  • U-Boot:
    • Add support for SOMs with more than 512MB RAM
    • Default env.: Add rw kernel parameter for nfs root filesystem
    • tools: allow to override python
  • kernel:
    • specify proper clocks for the PWM nodes
    • edt-ft5x06: check wakeup-source dts property during suspend / standby mode
    • OV5640: Fix camera module reset sequence for VAR-EXT-CB6UL
    • imx6ull: update vdd_soc voltage for 900MHz operating point
    • rtc: m41t80: fix race conditions and SQW dividers override when setting date
  • systemd:
    • Enable media automounting for USB / MMC hotplug storage devices
  • Bluetooth:
    • pulseaudio: Pass “autodetect_mtu=yes” to module-bluetooth-discover
    • bluez5.48: Fix issues with BT headphones reconnection after resuming from suspend
  • WiFi:
    • wpa-supplicant: Enabled support for P2P (WiFi-Direct)
  • SWUpdate:
    • Fix issues when using systemd
    • web: remove limit on fileSize for dropzone
    • web: appearance and text updates


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