Release date: 12/23/2021

Variscite is pleased to inform about the new Debian Bullseye v1.1 release for its i.MX 8QuadMax modules.


Release: var-som-mx8-debian-bullseye-v1.1


  • Filesystem:
    Debian Bullseye (11.0)
  • Linux kernel:
    Variscite 5.4-2.1.x-imx_var01 branch (based on FSL community branch 5.4-2.1.x-imx, which is based on NXP’s Linux 5.4.24_2.1.0 release and the Linux mainline kernel 5.4.142).
  • U-Boot:
    Variscite imx_v2020.04_5.4.24_2.1.0_var02 branch (based on NXP branch imx_v2020.04_5.4.24_2.1.0, which is based on U-Boot v2020.04).

Noteworthy updates since v1.0:

Release 1.1

U-Boot updates:

  • Introduce support for the i.MX8QP SoC on VAR-SOM-MX8/SPEAR-MX8
  • imx8qm-var-som: Provide som_wifi kernel argument
  • imx8: ahab: Only compile ahab.c for u-boot

Kernel updates:

  • Updated the kernel from version 5.4.85 to 5.4.142
  • Introduce support for the i.MX8QP SoC on VAR-SOM-MX8/SPEAR-MX8
  • imx8_var_defconfig: add full docker support
  • imx8qm-var-som: enable internal pullups for i2c0, i2c1, i2c3, i2c4
  • Revert “MLK-14801 input: touch: ads7846: fix the pressure_max setting”
  • sn65dsi83: Add device tree property to swap LVDS Channel A/B

Debian-var updates:

  • Introduce support for the i.MX8QP SoC
  • freertos_variscite: disabled disable_cache binary generation when DISABLE_CACHE_PATCH is undefined
  • linux-headers_debian_src: update compatibility
  • pulesaudio: Fix pulseaudio system-wide mode
  • systemd: set HandlePowerKey to ignore
  • bluez-alsa: ported bluez-alsa support from yocto-dunfell
  • weston_rootfs: Add libgpiod and libgpiod tools
  • imx8 soms: Check DISABLE_CACHE_PATCH variable before applying cache patch
  • imx8: libgbm1 updated to 20.3.4-1 required by latest weston update
  • imx8: Fix imx-gpu-viv-wl package dependency issue
  • variscite-bt-common: Check for hci0 at beginning of bt_stop

External Information
Release notes
Developers info: VAR-SOM-MX8SPEAR-MX8