Webinar: How to bring SECURE products to market quickly with Sequitur Labs and Variscite?


Oct 13 2021, 08:00 AM PDT


Mike Hendrick, VP Engineering, Sequitur Labs

Larry O’Connell, VP Marketing, Sequitur Labs 

Itay Silber, Sales Director, Variscite



If you know that security is a critical need for any smart device – and you need a solution that’s robust and easy to implement – don’t miss this webinar.

Billions of devices are expected to be online in the next few years, but about half of IoT vendors have experienced a security breach at least once. Compromised security can hurt your brand and result in lost revenues and customer trust.  This problem is getting more serious with the deployment of AI models at the network edge.

Edge device developers need to be assured that their products are designed, manufactured and deployed without risk of being compromised.

Implementing IoT security is, however, a big challenge. It requires understanding a variety of new features and functions and investment in implementing security in a diverse, fragmented microprocessor market. As a result, IoT device vendors need a partner who can deliver a solution that allows them to easily implement security features and functions, and focus their investment and energy on delivering great IoT products and solutions. 

The combination of Variscite’s capability to consistently deliver high-quality hardware and software solutions with Sequitur’s complete chip-to-cloud solution solves the complex security problems for edge devices.


This webinar will cover:

  • Variscite’s introduction
  • About the i.MX8M Plus platform 
  • Device Security basics: ARM Trustzone, Secure Enclaves, Secure Boot, Failure Recovery and Secure Product Updates
  • Chip-to-Cloud integration: mutual authentication and secure device registration
  • Cloud-supported device updates, management and protection
  • Methods for protecting intellectual property – in particular, AI models – at the network edge
  • Implementing robust security with the Sequitur Labs’ EmSPARK™ Security Suite and Variscite i.MX 8M Plus System on Modules.