Webinar : FAQs Session With Variscite's Experts


July 13, 08:00 AM PDT


Nate Drude,
R&D and Technical Sales Engineer

Pierluigi Passaro,
Software expert

Aviad Hadad,
Hardware expert

Tal Semo,
Managing Director Sales and Marketing - The Americas



Do you have questions about Variscite's hardware? About graphics? Or software complexities? Ask Us Anything! 

On July 13, Variscite's experts will be available to answer your questions at an open FAQ session. 

How is it going to work?

  • Register for the session
  • Pre-submit your questions by replying to this email
  • Or write your questions in the chat box during the session
  • Please notice: The session is limited in time therefore pre-submitted questions will be given priority.

Due to time reasons, Variscite's experts will not be able to answer all questions thus answering a question is at their discretion. Specific problems will not be answered during the session but you can get the assistance of the support team at the customer portal.