Webinar: Design a powerful scalable embedded device with the new i.MX 95


June 10, 08:00 AM PDT


James Prior, 
Product Manager, Advanced Edge Processor Innovation Team, Secure Connected Edge, NXP

Pierluigi Passaro, 
R&D SW Expert, Variscite



Register NXP and Variscite's joint webinar for a technical review of the new i.MX 95's unique proposition and guidance on leveraging its wide scalability range for your design.  

The landscape of embedded devices on the edge is advancing faster than ever. From limited application support to complex smart designs with enhanced computing, extensive high-speed connectivity, extended interfaces, and advanced multimedia. Designing your next-generation embedded product around new technology is becoming a highly important parameter in a competitive environment.

Utilizing the NXP i.MX 95 powerful application processor alongside Variscite’s pin2pin System on Module, the DART-MX95, streamlines your journey toward a successful launch of a competitive embedded product.

The webinar will cover:

Review of key features and use cases

innovations in edge processor design

The advantages of Edge AI powered by eIQ Neutron neural processor

Edge AI/ML performance expectations as enabled by NXP eIQ toolkit

Audio Capabilities enabled by NXP Immersive3D

Device Security, Compliance, and Management enabled by Edgelock Secure Enclave & V2X

Designing with the DART-MX95 SoM

The DART-MX95 configuration span

Design a scalable embedded product supporting various i.MX processors: 

o i.MX 93,  i.MX 91

o i.MX 8M Plus, i.MX 8M, i.MX 8M Mini