Webinar: Creating a New Generation of IoT with Variscite’s NXP Enabled Wi-Fi 6 SoMs


November 15, 08:00 AM PDT


Jay White,
Senior Marketing Manager, NXP

Ken Sloat,
R&D and Technical Sales Engineer, Variscite



Each year, as human technological development increases, so does the demand for more and more devices to be connected to the internet. At the same time, the demand for faster connectivity technology and more efficient devices is constantly increasing. Wi-Fi 6 provides numerous advantages over previous-generation Wi-Fi modules. These advantages include extended bandwidth, improved range, better simultaneous stream capabilities, lower latency, and optimized power management. 

In this webinar, you'll learn about Wi-Fi 6 capabilities and its use cases through a technical presentation of NXP's certified Wi-Fi 6 module and the integrated NXP i.MX 93-based System on Module solution offered by Variscite.

The webinar will cover:

• Wi-Fi 6 technical overview 

• Comparison with the previous generation

• NXP Wi-Fi 6 solutions

• Variscite’s Wi-Fi 6 Based SoMs

• Getting started with Wi-Fi 6 on Variscite SoMs