Webinar: Automating Secure Boot With Variscite


Sep 21, 08:00 AM PDT


Nate Drude,
R&D and Technical Sales Engineer



Have you known about secure boot, but never bothered to implement it because it looked too complicated?

With Variscite’s integration of secure boot and Yocto, it has never been easier to enable secure boot on your Variscite i.MX8 based product.

Secure boot is the process of authenticating the boot images and operating system in your product. It enables you to trust that the software running in your product is authentic and has not been modified or replaced by a third party.

In this webinar, a Variscite expert will introduce:

  • Secure boot and why it may be important for your product
  • The i.MX8 secure boot process
  • Manually signing images
  • Automating the signing process using Variscite's Yocto layer
  • Useful tips for debugging and verifying secure boot

After this webinar, you will have the resources you need to deploy secure boot on your product.