Webinar : Getting Started with Qt Framework on Your Embedded Board (Qt Webinar Part 1)


Sep 15 2020, 11:00 AM CEST

Sep 15 2020, 9:00 AM PDT




Pierluigi Passaro, R&D SW Expert

The webinar will cover the basics of Qt and will provide answers to questions like:

  • What is Qt?
  • Is Qt limited to graphics only?
  • What are the main programming languages supported?
  • What is Qt Creator?
  • How do I get started with the Qt application framework on my embedded board?

The theoretical information will be followed by a demo as well as practical tips & tricks from Variscite's experts.

This webinar's content will lay the ground for our next Qt webinar, where you will learn how to build a dashboard application using QML technology.

It is recommended to watch:

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