Variscite expands its collaboration with Upswift, a leading company that helps developers deploy, maintain and manage IoT Linux-based products at scale.
Variscite is excited to strengthen the partnership with Upswift and expand its ecosystem, allowing it to meet increased demand for managing IoT devices remotely.
Upswift’s platform includes all the tools needed to update, control, monitor, and secure various products.
Currently, Upswift customers manage edge-connected devices in over 42 countries, including embedded products that are based on Variscite’s System on Modules.
Upswift device management platform supports Variscite’s hardware out-of-the-box, enabling customers to start managing their products remotely in seconds with seamless integration.
“We’re excited to cooperate with Variscite and together lead the revolution of connected products by providing an integration of hardware and cloud software,” said Amit Ezer, Upswift’s CEO.
Variscite devotes many resources and efforts to creating the widest possible ecosystem, designed to fulfill its vision of delivering a one-stop-shop for comprehensive System on Module solutions and design services in the embedded market.


Upswift platform