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The VAR-EXT-CB105 extension board is an add-on board, which plugs into both the VAR-OM37CustomBoard and VAR-AM35CustomBoard extension connectors. It exposes the VAR-SOM-AM35 and VAR-SOM-OM37 IOs and interfaces into an easy-to-use 2.54mm pitch through-hole headers.

Providing a fast and easy way for adding additional custom hardware to Variscite's CustomBoard platform.
Expansion Headers
SOM interfaces and GPIOs 4 x 30, 2.54mm Headers
JTAG 2.54 mm 10-pin Header
Serial Interfaces
RS232 Inc Transceiver, 2.54 mm Header
RS485 Inc  Transceiver, 2.54 mm Header
CAN bus
CAN Interface Inc Transceiver , DB-9 connector
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SISO 13485 2003 HAll Variscite production is performed at fully ISO 13485 compliant facilities, satisfying international customer and regulatory requirements for a broad range of industries including medical devices and related services.