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NEW! DART-4460, smallest Dual Cortex-A9 SoM on the market

Great Things really do come in Small Packages:

Variscite releases the world's tiniest, Cortex-A9 System-on-Module: DART-4460.
As if true power efficiency and even faster processing speeds weren't enough, Variscite has proven that great things really do come in small packages with the tiny DART-4460 System-on-Module. Still claiming the colossal processing power of the VAR-SOM-OM44, the Dart-4460 creates a new world of opportunity for application-specific customization from the lightest tablet to the most compact multi-media system. Variscite customers can now integrate the highest processing power available into their mobile or mechanically constrained devices.
Based on TI's smart multicore OMAP4460 mobile processor, this miniature-form System-on-Module carries cutting-edge multimedia performance with advanced graphics and video capabilities. What's more, the DART-4460 consumes only 5mA during suspend which makes it ideal for mobile battery operated devices.

Key features include:
  • TI's OMAP4460 smart multicore mobile processor, with two ARM Cortex-A9 MPCores running up to 1.5GHz
  • 1GB dual-channel LPDDR2
  • Full HD 1080p and stereoscopic-3D 1080P video encoding/decoding capability
  • Integrated Imagination PowerVRâ„¢ SGX540 2D/3D hardware accelerator
  • Simultaneous multiple display support
  • TI WiLink(tm) 6.0 single-chip connectivity solution (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BLE)
  • USB 2.0: Host, OTG
  • Audio In/Out
  • Dual camera interface
DART44 BD 688x523

Variscite also offers a more fully featured, touchscreen-enabled DART BOARD development kit. The DART BOARD serves as a complete development kit for evaluation and application development. It interfaces with a 7" capacitive touchscreen and a two OV5640 CMOS sensors.

DART BOARD - SBC and development kit

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SISO 13485 2003 HAll Variscite production is performed at fully ISO 13485 compliant facilities, satisfying international customer and regulatory requirements for a broad range of industries including medical devices and related services.
Home Company Newsroom NEW! DART-4460, smallest Dual Cortex-A9 SoM on the market